We can help all kinds of people.

Tax problems are nothing new nor are they uncommon.  Millions of taxpayers across the country are facing the same thing that you are, an unpaid tax liability.  For many, the collection process is slow, unintentionally erasing any sense of urgency.  For others, a feeling of desperation can be crippling.  Whatever your natural inclination is, the best thing you can do is tackle the issue head on.   Tax problems can be managed, resolved within your means and even compromised in some cases.  It all starts with making the decision to do something about it.

Most individual tax debt is the result of unpaid income tax from a personal tax return.  There are various events that usually create such an outcome such as insufficient withholding, 1099 income and pass through income from a business.  The sale of an asset like a home or a distribution from a retirement account can also have such unintended consequences.  In some cases, individuals can be held liable for the debt of a business.  In the moment one can be helped by repeatedly asking themselves, what will be the result of my tax returns this year, what tax filing service can I use to help and are there any other tax services that I may need?  

We’ve helped taxpayers from every walk of life.  Doctors, teachers, construction workers, librarians, cooks – whatever your profession, the fact remains that this issue does not discriminate (word choice in today’s day?). Facing tax troubles is a present-day problem, and the only way to address it is to take action.  Regardless of who you are or how you may have arrived at your current situation, you know you need to resolve it.  20/20 Tax Resolution can be your guide to resolving your tax debt problems and moving on with your life.