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Did you know that taxing authorities have the power to waive the penalties assessed on your tax liability? The fact is, you may qualify for a penalty abatement if you experienced one of the following hardships:

  • Embezzlement, theft or other vandalism which hampered your cash flow
  • A disaster such as a flood, fire, etc.
  • Death or serious illness of the business owner or someone in your family
  • Unavoidable absence which did not allow you to pay or file on time
  • Incorrect information given to you by the IRS, your attorney, CPA or bookkeeper
  • Chemical or alcohol dependency
  • Divorce or other domestic problems

At 20/20 Tax Resolution, we take our clients’ experiences and create a solution that fits within the law for allowing penalty relief. Abatements are about what you’ve been through and faced, not whether you owe taxes or how much you owe. We take your unique experiences seriously and get results.

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