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Sales tax problems are common for businesses in many industries.  Sales tax is a tax imposed by many states, levied at the point of sale and collected by a business on behalf of the consumer.  The role of a business is merely to collect and remit this tax.  Because the tax is actually paid by the consumer, when a business fails to collect and/or remit, this can often lead to very serious sales tax issues.


Some businesses may find themselves with sales tax issues because they didn’t know their sales were subject to taxation, because they were unable to pay due to cash flow issues, or simply because the person responsible for filing and paying failed to do their job.

Whatever the reason is, 20/20 Tax Resolution can help.  We will work with your business to establish compliance, develop a plan to stay compliant moving forward, and negotiate a plan with the state tax authorities to keep your business protected moving forward.  Contact us today to speak with one of our licensed Enrolled Agent’s and discuss the ways we can help.


If your business is facing sales tax problems, you need to develop a strategy for resolution as soon as possible. You may be familiar with tax attorneys, but Enrolled Agents are more specialized tax professionals. To read more about what an Enrolled Agent is and how they can assist you with your tax issue, download our free guide.

Now is the time to resolve your tax issues and get back to doing what you do best – running your business.