Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, it’s our job to answer them. Below you will find some of the top questions that we are frequently asked. Feel free to contact us with any additional inquiries as we are always standing by, ready to assist you.

How can I stop unnecessary penalties and interest?

Under certain circumstances, 20/20 can abate all penalties and associated interest and put money into your pocket. We’ll advise you of your rights, prepare an informed, thorough penalty abatement brief and ensure that the brief is accepted.

How do I prevent the IRS from taking more enforced collection activity?

By retaining hiring 20/20 to negotiate on your behalf, you’ll receive a hold on all collection activities by the IRS. With proper representation, you should not experience levies, phone calls or any other severely enforced collection activities.

Why is 20/20 better than my CPA or Attorney?

Unlike most many CPAs and attorneys, our specialty is tax negotiation. Bank levies, accounts receivable levies and notices of seizure are all signs that it is time to call 20/20.

Will my Revenue Officer have a negative reaction to me hiring representation?

No! Revenue Officers have a heavy workload. By working with 20/20, they see that you are serious about taking care of the liability.

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